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Take part in Veganuary!

Want to take part in Veganuary but still need some motivation? All I have to say is start off by watching Netflix’s “The Game Changers”, a great documentary film about how athletes can benefit from plant-based eating. It will motivate you to give it your best go!

People are investing more in meat alternatives as this once vegan fad has now turned into a permanent lifestyle choice. Reasons for participating in Veganuary come down to health, animals, environment and other factors. It should be less of a challenge with more and more supermarkets now stocking and expanding their plant-based range.

Gold Collagen have done their part to make sure a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean your beauty and nutrition routine takes a hit. How? With Gold Collagen® Vegan, a vegan alternative liquid beauty supplement packed with over 28 active ingredients to support a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Gold Collagen® Vegan is a supplement powered by plants to power you.

If you breeze through Veganuary, why not take the month-long pledge to be vegan and turn it into a beneficial lifestyle?

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