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Self-Care, Fitness and Healthy Food


We’ve all been there – we make a million and one resolutions but we don’t keep them. So let’s start small and simple. Break it down into 3 categories.

Self-Care | Fitness | Healthy food

It can be said these three categories interlink with each other. This is very true, but to break out of the routine of not sticking to your resolutions, we’ve deconstructed them into these foundational concepts that are more doable for those of us who are already overtaxed with a to-do list as long as our arms.

SELF-CARE (to begin with, try once a week)

  • Manage stress. Yes, we are back at work and feel the need to catch up on work from over the Christmas break. But do not overschedule or overcommit. No good can come from this.
  • Meditate
  • Build your self-esteem
  • Tell people what helps


FITNESS (aim for twice a week)

  • yoga
  • exercise to fight the blues
  • fit fitness into your schedule. It improves your mood and your self-image


HEALTHY FOOD (aim for three/four times a week)

  • Choose fruits, vegetables and whole grains rather than foods high in sugar, salt and fat.
  • Be active and drink water. When you drink enough water, you can surprisingly boost the number of calories you burn!1



1 https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/27-health-and-nutrition-tips#section8

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