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Our Promise

GOLD COLLAGEN® - the trusted Gold Standard for beauty from within

GOLD COLLAGEN® is the pioneer of liquid collagen since 2011 and since then, with a simple daily sip, our Liquid Collagen supplements have crossed all borders to become the best ally for anyone who considers their beauty and well-being as a priority. A new generation of skincare that works from within to promote beautiful and younger-looking skin by using complementary to food ingredients for a more balanced diet.  

Visible Results in 3 Weeks

Our pioneer Collagen liquid format not only provides a more practical intake, but also a faster and more effective absorption for long-lasting results in just 3 weeks as demonstrated in many clinical trials and from over 8,500 positive reviews.

Innovative, Patented Formula

GOLD COLLAGEN®  has been granted 3 European patents and 1 US patent. 

NUTRIGLOW® -  EU Patent (No. EP 2532252): “Food supplement to improve skin health”

ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX -  EU Patent (No. EP 2979684) and USA Patent (No. US 9668953): “Antioxidant and anti-ageing nutritional supplement for the improvement of the integumentary system”

WELLCARTILAG® -  EU Patent (No. EP 2695610): “Food Supplement to improve connective tissue health”

Clinically Proven

Our researchers and nutritionists work together with universities, dermatologists and skin specialists to develop new generation skincare solutions. The liquid supplements GOLD COLLAGEN®️ developed for anti-ageing, beauty, skin, hair, nails, joints and well-being have been tested in 13 clinical studies on the final formula conducted on over 1300 subjects taking GOLD COLLAGEN®, published in 12 peer-reviewed journals with 4 recognition awards for excellence in Science from the Royal Society of Medicine (London), Dubai Derma, 5-Continent Congress and Monte Carlo Aesthetics (Euromedicom).

Premium Quality Ingredients

GOLD COLLAGEN®️ is produced to the highest quality standard, ensuring that the highest levels of safety and standards are adhered too.

Glass & Recyclable Packaging

GOLD COLLAGEN®️ is committed to Glass bottles since 2011.  The packaging is recyclable and designed to prolong the longevity of the active ingredients.

Delicious & Easy to Drink

All our liquid supplements come with a delicious fruity taste and are easy to drink

Liquid Format

Easy to drink and to absorb

Optimal Dose of Hydrolysed Collagen and Nutrients

We choose the best quality of Marine Collagen (France) for skin and Bovine Collagen (Germany) for joints.  We hydrolyse it for better absorption.

Clean Label

Free from Sugar, OGM, Gluten, Lactose. No artificial colours or preservatives.