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The Only Clinically Proven Collagen

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What is Pure Gold Collagen?

Gold Collagen® Pure is our first liquid beauty supplement. It’s our best seller and we like to label it as The Original for 20+’s. Gold Collagen® Pure is packed with only the highest quality skin-loving ingredients, proven to help bring your skin, hair and nails to their optimum health. These delicious bottles contain our unique European ...

Self-Care, Fitness and Healthy Food

We’ve all been there – we make a million and one resolutions but we don’t keep them. So let’s start small and simple. Break it down into 3 categories. Self-Care | Fitness | Healthy food It can be said these three categories interlink with each other. This is very true, but to break out of the routine of not sticking to ...

New Year with Healthy and Glowing Skin

2023 has come and gone, leaving it up to us to start 2024 the right way. I’m not saying you need to cut your favourite foods out of your diet, start training for a marathon or learn a new language in a week. New year’s resolutions are not the easiest thing to stick to and most don’t make it past mid-January, but you can make them last if you ...

5 Ways to Make Your Hair Stronger

When our hair looks amazing we feel more confident. Unfortunately, a large number of women deal every day with hair loss. Here are five simple steps that will help make your hair more resistant to hair loss: KEEP YOUR HAIR STRONG:  A beautiful hair means a strong hair. You can prevent hair loss by finding products that fits your type of hair...

Top tips for skincare on the go

Hello friends, The last leg of summer has begun but there is still plenty of time for a late summer holiday or a weekend mini break. Despite holidays being a lot of fun, packing for them can be a real chore. I mostly take too much but in recent years have gotten a bit better at travelling light, yet bringing all the essentials. Apart from taking ...