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Clinical Trial Results


At Gold Collagen®, we firmly believe in research, high quality and efficacy. Our clinical trials for Active Gold Collagen®, Pure Gold Collagen® and Gold Collagen® Forte blanket these three fundamental attributes. Below are the clinical trial results in more depth:

Active Gold Collagen®

A 90-day study was conducted with 120 healthy volunteers. Here is a list of the positive clinical results:


Pure Gold Collagen®

Several clinical trials have been conducted for Pure Gold Collagen® and from those trials we have found some very skin promising things. From one trial that took place over 9 weeks revealed the following results:

  • In 3 weeks, there was a 12% increase in skin hydration.
  • In 6 weeks, there was a 27% decrease in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • In 9 weeks, there was a 20% increase in skin suppleness.


Gold Collagen® Forte 

With our Gold Collagen® Forte clinical trial, we found it made a drastic improvement to skin, hair and nails. 93% agreed their nails were healthier and 93% would recommend the product to a friend. We think these numbers are great!


Clinical trials should be valued as they benefit medical research allowing us to create bigger and better products that work the way you want and need. Our clinical trials ensure our products will make a real difference to you and reassure you that other's have seen and felt a difference. Our clinical trials also allow us to know what we need to focus on so we can improve your experience. If you wish to see the full results, read our publications.


Dr. Martin Godfrey