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Ready for Coachella?

Heard the line-up for Coachella and have your ticket ready? It sounds like it’s going to be a great festival with headliners like Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Ariana Grande. And not to forget amazing performances by J Balvin, Idris Elba, Solange and DJ Snake.

Coachella has always been set in the desert which is such a fun setting for the ultimate festival but take a moment and stay hydrated! It’s a desert, think of sand and cactus’. Okay, maybe not so much cactus… but it’s still a desert which is an environment that can really dry out your skin. And not to mention the dancing and alcohol, which can further dry out our skin and hydration levels. Stay on top of this.

Camping in the desert does make it a bit harder to take care of your skincare routine and if you’re a light packer then we have the thing for you. Take along Pure Gold Collagen® to get your beauty hit in the morning and it also helps to hydrate you too. Is your concern more about your energy levels keeping up with the dancing into the night? No worries, we’ve got you with Active Gold Collagen®. It’s great for people with busy and active lives who need that extra boost of energy. Active Gold Collagen® supports your muscles, joints and even supports healthy looking hair and as a plus, it improves your skin's hydration and suppleness. What are you waiting for? Pack it into your luggage!

Also, join the effort to preserve the desert. Let’s try to minimise the environmental impact on the desert and try to sustain it by preserving it. Respect the desert and enjoy Coachella and the great music you’ll experience.