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Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Find the right health and beauty vegan ally for you. Support your Vegan diet with our 100% plant based alternatives to support your Skin, Hair, Nail Health and maintain your collagen levels and more!

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    Biotix & Defence

    Boost your immunity
    1. DEFENCE

      Our original Collagen Maintenance & Immunity Multivitamin Tablets to protect from oxidative stress!

      • Help protect against oxidative stress
      • Support the immune system
      • Help protect against collagen loss
      • 100% of your Zinc, Vitamin C, Copper and Biotin
      • Easy to swallow
      • Clinically tested
      • 90 tablets in a glass jar, fully recyclable
      • Travel Friendly
      • Triple layer technology
      • No sugar, No GMO
      • No artificial preservatives or sweeteners
      • Gluten Free


      From £28.00 per pack


    All Vegan, all good!
    1. VEGAN

      0% animal protein, 100% plant-based alternative to help promote Skin, Hair and Nail Health, whilst supporting your Vegan diet

      • Promote Skin, Hair and Nail Health
      • Support Vegan Diet
      • Support Collagen Formation
      • Support your skin's natural defences


      From £2.47 per bottle on a 30-day programme