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    Biotix & Defence

    Boost your immunity
    1. DEFENCE

      Our original Collagen Maintenance & Immunity Multivitamin Tablets to protect from oxidative stress!

      • Help protect against oxidative stress
      • Support the immune system
      • Help protect against collagen loss
      • 100% of your Zinc, Vitamin C, Copper and Biotin
      • Easy to swallow
      • Clinically tested
      • 90 tablets in a glass jar, fully recyclable
      • Travel Friendly
      • Triple layer technology
      • No sugar, NO GMO
      • No artificial preservatives or sweeteners
      • Gluten Free


      From £28.00 per pack



    All Vegan, all good!
    1. VEGAN

      0% animal protein, 100% plant-based alternative to help promote Skin, Hair and Nail Health, whilst supporting your Vegan diet

      • Promote Skin, Hair and Nail Health
      • Support Vegan Diet
      • Support Collagen formation
      • Support your skin's natural defences


      From £2.47 per bottle on a 30-day programme

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    Find Your Perfect Match!

    Find your own formula based on your age, your goals, needs and lifestyle choices. You’ll be rewarded with your most effective solution! All the nutrients you need in a bottle! Patented and Clinically Tested Visible Results in 3 weeks

    Find Your Perfect Match!