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6 Ways to Do Your Part for Earth Day!

Have you heard about the simple ways in which you can celebrate Earth Day and make a difference? Earth Day is about demonstrating your support for environmental protection which is so important when we’re experiencing abnormal weather conditions. Do your part for the Earth, check out 6 ways you can! Put down the car keys and keep that car in ...

What is Pure Gold Collagen?

Gold Collagen® Pure is our first liquid beauty supplement. It’s our best seller and we like to label it as The Original for 20+’s. Gold Collagen® Pure is packed with only the highest quality skin-loving ingredients, proven to help bring your skin, hair and nails to their optimum health. These delicious bottles contain our unique European ...

Self-Care, Fitness and Healthy Food

We’ve all been there – we make a million and one resolutions but we don’t keep them. So let’s start small and simple. Break it down into 3 categories. Self-Care | Fitness | Healthy food It can be said these three categories interlink with each other. This is very true, but to break out of the routine of not sticking to ...

New Year with Healthy and Glowing Skin

2023 has come and gone, leaving it up to us to start 2024 the right way. I’m not saying you need to cut your favourite foods out of your diet, start training for a marathon or learn a new language in a week. New year’s resolutions are not the easiest thing to stick to and most don’t make it past mid-January, but you can make them last if you ...

Protect your hair from the sun this summer – with these tips

There are specific periods throughout the year when our hair may require extra support and care. For example, before or during summer, when increased sun exposure can cause photo-degradation to hair. Free radicals form in hair fibres due to UV rays and change the hair’s physical properties and chemical composition. Free radical damage results in ...

Look amazing on your Wedding Day!

Every bride wants to look amazing on their wedding day and there’s nothing more confidence boosting than a flawless wedding day make-up look. To get that flawless make-up look we recommend that you begin with creating a good base, so your make-up sits perfectly. This will help to ensure your skin to look bright and radiant and not cakey. Look ...

11 Benefits of Spinach and Smoothie Recipe!

Since the days of Popeye, spinach has always been famous for its ability to make you “strong to the finish.” This super powerful green leafy vegetable is packed with benefits! Benefits: Spinach contains 13 different antioxidants and anti-cancer flavonoids Contains a unique and beneficial mixture of phytonutrients and carotenoids ...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, it is that time of the year where you cannot turn around without seeing hearts, valentine’s day cards, flowers and chocolates. It’s a great day to show your love and affection to your dearests. It’s also a day that can for some, bring a feeling of melancholy or longing. Now repeat after me: “You can be happy single. You can be happy ...

How to save your skin from airplane dryness

Follow our top tips and you’ll be giving your skin a chance to fight back against airplane dryness!   Always choose a window seat! When you’re in the air you’re getting major UV exposure, and this gets worse when there’s clouds as they reflect the sun’s rays. So, the second you get on that plane your goal should be to block ...

How does hair grow?

Understand your hair growth cycle better with Dr Martin Godfrey! In this new episode, he will explain the three key phases of your hair’s natural hair growth cycle. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the phase your hair may be in. The Gold Collagen® Team...
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