Reviewed by Estefania In Barcelona | 10/4/2017
Es el tratamiento de belleza más fácil y eficaz que he probado. Mi piel se siente mucho más hidratada y mi cabello está más saludable ... ¡simplemente genial!

Excellent product

Reviewed by Titty In London | 7/15/2017
I love this product i see the best results on my skin , i will use for 30 days program .totally inlove with this product
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin


Reviewed by Edolia Garzon In Spain | 5/9/2017
Hola me ha encantado este producto porque me reduce el acne y mi piel luce más hidratada. En los últimos meses había notado unas pequeñas manchas que aparecían en la cara por el sol y han empezado a disminuir en la tercera semana de estar consumiendo el producto.
Sufro de gastritis y me anime a comprarlo debido a que era liquido y me ha gustado el sabor.

Mucho mejor que otros

Reviewed by Montse In Madrid | 5/5/2017
No es el primer producto con colágeno que pruebo, pero sí el que más me ayuda para mis quebradizas uñas. Lo suelo tomar cuatro semanas seguidas y descanso otras dos, pues en su contra es que es un poco caro.

Skin looked better

Reviewed by Ailsa In Birmingham | 4/20/2017
Seems to do what it says on the box just not sure about the taste
Pros: younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Miracle product

Reviewed by hemali In UK | 4/20/2017
After my two pregnancies I was looking for a home remedy where I need not have to step out my house to look and feel hydrated,young and fresh ..thanks to gold collagen that not even help me with hydration but also helped with younger looking wrinkle free and plumper looking skin..I totally love the product coz it did wonders for me and totally recommend for every women from 25 years of their age..every penny spent is an investment for a bette future..
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin


Reviewed by Amrit In london | 4/20/2017
Love these and see a difference in 1 week
Pros: hydrated skin

An upgrade to my skincare routine

Reviewed by Andrea In York | 3/28/2017
I recently turned 30 and decided that I needed to upgrade my skincare routine so I decided to try this product. I have been using it for 6 weeks and I can say that I will be using this FOREVER! It's not just my skin that looks healthier and plumper but also my nails are stronger than ever! At first, I didn't love the taste, but now I kind of like it, it's good for when I have a sugar craving and apparently it does not contain sugar,'s just perfect! I can't wait to see the results after 3 months.
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

I love waking up with Pure Gold Collagen

Reviewed by Jemima In Leeds | 3/1/2017
After only 4 weeks I've noticed that my wrinkles from the forehead and near my mouth started to fade. Highly recommend Pure Gold Collagen
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Really Works

Reviewed by Hannah In Newyork | 1/4/2017
I bought 10 Day program from Walgreen store, After week my skin felt softer. Since then I always had Pure Gold Collagen in purse.

I would buy it again and again!

Reviewed by Jane In Glasgow | 7/28/2015
I do love this product! It makes my skin softer and plumper. It is a great treatment to maintain the skin healthy and with that glow!
Pros: healthy hair, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Can't Ask More

Reviewed by Bella In Cambridge | 7/28/2015
I have been drinking Pure Gold Collagen every morning for 3 months and have really noticed a difference. My skin is much more hydrated, my nails are stronger and my hair looks less frizzy. I am truly excited!

Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, hydrated skin


Reviewed by Patricia In Brighton | 7/28/2015
It is the easiest and most effective beauty treatment I have ever tried. My skin is much more Hydrated and my hair are so healthy...simply I feel great!
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

A little beauty secret that I don't want to share

Reviewed by Emily In London | 12/5/2014
When my friend first told me about this product, I wouldn't believe her. But after I could see changes on her skin condition, I have been motivated to try this product and now I am on my 3rd month of using it. I don't suffer from dry skin any more even in winter time. It's a definitely something to recommend.
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Really does work!

Reviewed by Hayley In UK | 10/28/2014
I really love this product as it has given me clear skin for the first time since I was 10. I have noticed that my skin looks really healthy and even fine lines are much less visible. The first time I drank a bottle it tingled your mouth, but after that you just looked forward to the citrus flavour. It does state it is best taken on an empty stomach, so it was easy to put into my routine. I just got out of bed and had a bottle before my coffee.
Pros: tastes good, younger looking skin

It really has worked!

Reviewed by Lucy In Leicestershire | 10/28/2014
I’ve diligently used Pure Gold Collagen for the last 40 days and, despite winter weather and central heating, my skin is hydrated and smooth. Not just my face, but my body skin too. My forehead lines are virtually gone and the skin around my eyes is looking much better than it did. I haven’t felt the need for a body moisturiser in the last few weeks and don’t even bother with night-cream for my face now, which is weird, but has saved me money! I’d rather spend it on this product which benefits ALL of my skin in one go.
Pros: younger looking skin, hydrated skin


Reviewed by Lara In Bristol | 10/23/2014
I only started using this product 5 days ago & I’ve already seen changes. The first thing I noticed was my hands. Recently, I saw they were beginning to look “old” but, 5 days after starting this program, they looked smoother, plumper & younger!! The skin under my eyes is more hydrated, the fine lines have almost disappeared & my sagging jowels have lifted! THIS IS AMAZING STUFF & I highly recommend it!!
Pros: younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Rachel In Yorkshire | 10/20/2014
This product is absolutely perfect. I have used for 3 months. Fantastic. Amazing.
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin


Reviewed by Kerry In London | 10/20/2014
Skin looking much better and feeling better.
Pros: younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Fantastic product that works

Reviewed by Sarah In Swansea | 10/17/2014
I am on my third month and I have noticed my skin has become plump. I totally recommend this product. Love the taste too.
Pros: tastes good, younger looking skin

Totally amazing!

Reviewed by Amy In Leeds | 10/17/2014
I have been using Gold Collagen for 6 months and my skin is plump and lineless and the skin on my body is now smoother and plumper!
Pros: younger looking skin

It actually works!

Reviewed by Angela In London | 10/16/2014
I’m nearly at the end of a 20-day supply and am amazed at the results.
The taste is like mango and passion fruit, with a nice zing. The skin all over my body is much improved. All my life I have suffered with little rough bumps on my upper arms and these are now much smoother. On my face, the early fine lines are smoothing out.
People have commented how my hair is shinier and I haven’t had any nail breakages.
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin

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