Pure Gold Collagen 50ml Sample

Pure Gold Collagen 50ml Sample

Pure Gold Collagen 50ml Sample
Pure Gold Collagen 50ml Sample

Designed for women wishing to promote beautiful skin and fight the visible signs of aging. This European patented formula contains a unique blend of collagen and active ingredients which nourishes you from the inside, promoting a beautiful and younger looking you on the outside.

  • Helps increase skin hydration and radiance

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promotes skin suppleness

  • Promotes healthy looking hair and nails

The original and best-selling liquid anti-aging supplement in the UK.


PURE GOLD COLLAGEN™ is a liquid beauty supplement designed for women who wish to promote beautiful skin and fight the appearance of early signs of aging.  It helps to boost natural collagen, elastin and hydration levels that decline over time causing the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness.

Formulated with a unique blend of active ingredients that includes hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, borage oil, vitamins and minerals, PURE GOLD COLLAGEN™ works by nourishing you from the inside for a more beautiful and younger looking you on the outside. 

With daily and consecutive use, PURE GOLD COLLAGEN™ is proven to increase skin hydration (+12% in 3 weeks) 1, reduce the appearance of wrinkles (-27% in 6 weeks)1 and improve skin suppleness (+20% in 9 weeks)1.  Consumers also report an increase in skin radiance (72% agree)2 and smoothness (76% agree)2  with 89% saying that they would recommend the product to a friend3.


(1) Double blind placebo controlled clinical trial with 108 volunteers. (2) Consumer use study with 348 women over 12 weeks. (3) Consumer use study with 221 women over 12 weeks.  Results can vary depending on the individual and their starting skin, genetics and health conditions and depending on diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. Some individuals have reported to experience more positive results and/or at a faster rate than others.  


Great taste! Can't wait to see if it works...

Reviewed by ManijietR In West Midlands | 7/5/2016
Reviews looked really good on Boots and Amazon so after seeing the sample offer thought I'd give it a go. The taste is delicious and I'd love to try more to see if the results work for me. New drinkable skincare also sounds very convenient.

Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, hydrated skin

GoldCollagen beauty in a bottle?!

Reviewed by ChelsieB In Oxford | 7/5/2016
Taste didn't bother me. More interested in the results! Intrigued by the fact I could drink it and it's not a cream that I would have to apply.
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

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