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My hair grew loads!

Reviewed by BodhiGirl In London | 11/06/2018
This made such a big difference to my hair, it never grows and I never go to the hairdressers! This actually worked. I have very curly hair that seems to remain at shoulder length. I took this for 3 months and lots of people commented on my hair. My nails are much stronger too. So glad I started taking this and will continue to.
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Good product. Works. Horrid taste!

Reviewed by Shanice In London UK. (SW) | 09/04/2018

Bought the product from boots, regent street for £40 it was my first time buying such a thing, I’m only 19 but I’m finding that my hair had it hard during the cold weather making my hair dry and brittle. I’ve drank this for 20 days now as I’ve completed 2, 10 day corse loads and I can say that my hair is shiny! I don’t really drink water so I can’t say that there are other factors as to why my hair would become so sheenful! But what a horrible taste!! Please try pure gold collagen, (not hair lift) it taste wayyyy better! And still good for Hair, skin and nails. It would just work on Hair slower because it does not contain keratin. Please don’t make a company trick you, pure gold is just as good as the hair lift, the Hair lift one is a little more expensive, that’s what they want. Please do your research.
Overall very satisfied.
Pros: healthy hair, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

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