Great taste

Reviewed by Victoria In London, GBR | 04/04/2018
Great product, love the tangy taste ! Very convenient as I can fit the product in my purse. I have noticed and obvious difference in my hydration levels and my skin feels much softer !
Pros: hydrated skin

Essential skincare!

Reviewed by Lindz In London | 03/04/2018
So glad I tried this for a month, I've been struggling with the tone of my skin, in particular my eye lid texture and around my eyes. My eye creams were getting less effective so I tried this and am so pleased with the effects and my eye make up is going on smoother again. My nails improved too and I get compliments on my skin. Told all my friends too!
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, younger looking skin

Amazing! A definite must-have!

Reviewed by Luisa In UK | 20/04/2017
I have been using this product for 2months now and lots of family and friends have commented on what a great 'glow' I have and questioned what the secret is! I cannot do without this little magic bottle and it fits so easily into my daily routine, no mess, no fuss, just drink and go! Love love love it!
Pros: tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

My beauty addiction, perfect for travelling

Reviewed by sarah In Brighton | 06/04/2017
Hydrolyzed collagen is my secret. Skin, hair and nails are healthy and I take it every morning. Perfect shot to bring with me when I travel.
Pros: healthy nails, healthy hair, tastes good, younger looking skin, hydrated skin

Mini but just as good

Reviewed by Rebecca In UK | 04/04/2017
I bought the Mini product when I went on holiday because it was advertised as lighter than the Pure Gold Collagen, which I normally use - and I was pleasantly surprised. It was indeed easy to travel with and I even preferred the taste over the Pure. I liked that it is a bit stronger than the other one. I would recommend as an alternative to the regular products if you don't want to interrupt your regular treatment.
Pros: tastes good

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