If you gold collagen loyalty heart Gold Collagen products, we gold collagen loyalty heart to reward your loyalty, wherever you purchase from us!*

Our Collagen Insiders loyalty programme rewards you with sips you can redeem against your favourite products you've got your eyes on - including getting money off your full-sized products in your shopping bag!


As we are rewarding both online and in store purchases, for the moment, rewards points balances are managed by our dedicated Loyalty Members Team. To view your points’ total, to add or redeem rewards for online and subscriptions refill, just contact them at


Don’t worry though, you still qualify for rewards with any purchase.

If you purchased in store and have collected physical coupons, just email the team a picture of the coupons or list the coupon codes at

Whether online, subscription refills rewards or physical coupons from in store purchases, our team will ensure the loyalty points are added to your account balance and will let you know what your total balance is. They will also be able to let you know what products you can redeem these points against. If you have a particular product, you've got your eyes on, just let our team know and they will be able to advise you!


Start earning points.

All you need is to create an account on or flash the QR code in your 10-day packs

If you have already purchased online from us, you automatically have an online account.

In store purchases also qualify. Just save the physical coupon codes and email them to once you’ve created an account by signing-up to our newsletter on our official online store or flash the QR code inside the 10-day packs.

We will take care of the rest!

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4....


Our Dedicated Loyalty Team updates your balance with online, subscription refills or physical coupons for in store purchases. They inform you of your new points balance ready to redeem.



Join to start earning points



Earn points e.g. 1 sip FOR EVERY £1 you spend, every time you shop or get your Subscribe & Save refills



Check in with our dedicated team or let them know any points you would like to add from physical coupons to save points to your total balance.



Redeem points against your future online purchases


Email or chat with our dedicated Loyalty Team to redeem your points against GOLD COLLAGEN products you love!

We will also email you regular loyalty members exclusive online offers to help you make the most of your rewards.


  • We award 1 point for every £1 spent
  • 1 point = 1p or 100 points = £1 to spend on your next online order
  • Min. 100 points balance required to get £1 off next online order
  • Max. 1 use per order. Some exclusions such as promotional offers may apply to redeem points, but don’t worry, you can still earn during sale events or promotions! Look out for loyalty members only exclusive offers






To reward you for your loyalty, Gold Collagen created the COLLAGEN INSIDERS programme. This exclusive programme, available solely on our official website (UK only), allows you to receive money-off your next purchase up to free products, in addition to all the perks you have by purchasing directly from the Gold-Collagen website or even greater rewards if you are part of the subscription programme. If you purchase Gold Collagen products from authorised resellers in store, you still qualify and our loyalty rewards team will assist you to add your physical coupons from qualifying 10-day boxes when you email pictures of the coupons or list the codes and provide them by chat or by emailing

2 - How can I sign up for the GOLD COLLAGEN INSIDERS’ REWARDS?

If you purchased in store, you would find physical coupons in each 10-day boxes of Gold Collagen liquid programmes.

If you have not ordered from us online before, you first need to register and create an account by signing-up to our newsletter. Or you can simply flash the QR code inside the box that will take you to the account creation.

Once you have an account, just let our dedicated loyalty team know by providing us either a picture or listing the actual 12-digit physical coupons you find in each Gold Collagen 10-day liquid programmes box, even if you made a purchase in store.

If you purchase online, then, it could not be easier, points are automatically added to your account, there is nothing for you to enter or do. When you would like to use or find out how many points you have collected, just contact our dedicated team by chat or email and they will upload any points you are due, add any physical coupons you have collected in store or by purchasing online and let you know your new ending balance. The team also redeems the points on your behalf for whatever product you've got your eyes on, using your reward points.

You will automatically collect sips rewards as you purchase from our site or receive automatic refills from our subscription programme.

3 - What can I use my GOLD COLLAGEN INSIDERS’ SIPS REWARDS points for?

Joining the loyalty programme is free and rewards you for your loyalty and sticking to your health and wellness routine. It is available on any online or in store purchases and if you are a subscription’s customer, even your discounted refills enable you to accumulate further sip rewards automatically credited to your account for you to enjoy and redeem online. From 100 points, you have access to the first level of £1 off reward.

4 - How do I earn GOLD COLLAGEN INSIDERS’ SIPS REWARDS points? With your purchases:

If you buy products on the UK website or in stores at our participating pharmacies and resellers, points will be awarded to you for each purchase, on all products. If you buy products in our authorised sales outlets, all liquid collagen products that come in a box of 10-day (excluding large single bottles and tablet formats) can earn points. You just need to provide our dedicated loyalty team members by chat or email a picture or send the unique 12-digit character code you (xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx) will find inside the box.

You’ll also need to create an online account using your preferred email address by signing-up to our newsletter or flashing the QR code in the 10-day liquid collagen boxes unless you have ordered from our official website before or are submitting an online order.

5 - How can I register my physical coupon codes in your product boxes?

To register your physical loyalty points from codes within the physical boxes 10-day boxes, simply reach out to our dedicated loyalty rewards team by chat or email and send a picture or the unique 12-digit character code you (xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx) will find inside the box (present inside the liquid collagen product packaging excluding tablets, topicals and large bottles). You will need to have signed-up for our newsletter or simply flash the QR code within the box to take you to an account creation or create an account with your email address, unless you have purchased online from us before or are making an online purchase from our official website.

When you make a purchase in our e-shop or get a subscription’s refills, all products earn you points which are automatically credited to your account. Once you are ready to redeem your points, just contact our dedicated rewards programme team by chat or email and they will let you know your points balance, make any points adjustments and help you redeem your points towards a Gold Collagen product or more you've got your eyes on. The dedicated team is here to help and all you need to worry about is how you will spend your rewards.

6 - How many points will I earn per product?

We award 1 point per £1 spent. It is as easy as that. There is a minimum 100 points required to redeem the equivalent of £1 off your next online purchase and a maximum of 1 use per order. Already an online or subscription customer, then you already have an account and are automatically collecting rewards. Just contact our dedicated team by chat or by email to find out your points balance and redeem any points. The team can also assist you to make any adjustments to your points balance (such as add your points if you have physical coupons from in store purchases.

Not a customer yet? Don’t worry, by creating an account and purchasing any item on the site or adding the coupon codes from your in store purchases via our dedicated loyalty team, you'll start earning rewards for shopping and loving Collagen Insiders Rewards!



*loyalty points can only be collected and redeemed from approved Gold Collagen resellers and stockists. We reserve the right not to provide loyalty points for purchases from non-approved resellers.