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1. Who should take GOLD COLLAGEN® products? +
2. Which GOLD COLLAGEN® product is right for me? +
3. Where can I buy the products? +
4. Who makes GOLD COLLAGEN®? +
5. How long has the product been on the market? +
6. What is collagen? +
7. What is the difference between the collagen in the skin and the collagen in the product? +
8. How does GOLD COLLAGEN® differ from your average anti-ageing cream? +
9. I’m in my 30’s, should I take GOLD COLLAGEN® Forte? +
10. I’m already taking Pure GOLD COLLAGEN®, should I take the new Forte product or stick with Pure? +
11. What is the 3for2 offer? +
12. Where does the collagen come from? +
13. Why are the products in a liquid form rather than tablets? +
14. Do the products contain fish oils, porcine, chicken, beef, antibiotics, hormones (or phyto hormones or phytoestrogens), genetically modified organisms, use of nano technology, gluten, sugars, alcohol, artificial preservatives, or artificial colours? +
15. Do the products exert narcotic and psychotropic effects or have potent or drastic components, radioactive substances, banned food additives, antibiotics, insecticides and rodenticides? +
16. Are the products suitable for vegetarians? +
17. Are the products halal and kosher? +
18. What does the product taste like? +
19. What is the function of the black pepper extract? +
20. What is the source of hyaluronic acid? +
21. Do the GOLD COLLAGEN® products contain gold? +
22. Doesn’t the stomach acid destroy the collagen preventing it from reaching the dermis (skin’s deeper layer)? +
23. What is the difference between Pure Gold Collagen Mini and Pure Gold Collagen? +
24. What is the recommended daily dose and best time of day to take the product? +
25. Can the GOLD COLLAGEN® products be taken in combination with other food supplements? +
26. For how long do you need to use the product to see visible results? +
27. What happens when I stop taking the product? +
28. Can I use the product if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? +
29. Can the products be taken with medication? +
30. Can I take GOLD COLLAGEN® if I am on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? +
31. Are there any side effects associated with the GOLD COLLAGEN® products? +
32. Are the products suitable for diabetics? +
33. Are the products tested for quality and safety? +
34. Which skin type can benefit from the hydrogel mask? +
35. What’s the difference between the hydrogel mask and cream masks? +
36. How often do you advice to use the hydrogel mask? +
37. Is the mask reusable? +
38. What is the best moment of the day to use the mask? +
39. How long does the mask need to stay on my face? +
40. Do I need to wash off the remaining liquid on my face afterwards? +
42. Who should take GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN? +
43. What results should I notice after my GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN treatment? +
44. Why has GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN been developed? +
45. What’s the difference between GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN and the rest of the GOLD COLLAGEN® range? +
46. What makes GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN different from other vegan beauty food supplements? +
47. Where can I buy GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN? +
48. How long has GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN been on the market? +
49. Does GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN contain collagen? +
50. Does GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN contain sugar or sweeteners? +
51. Does GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN contain artificial preservatives? +
52. Does GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN contain gluten? +
53. Why is GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN in liquid form instead of tablet? +
54. What active ingredients are packed in GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN? +
55. What’s the flavour of GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN? +
56. How many bottles of GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN do I need to drink daily? +
57. What is the best time of the day to drink GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN? +
58. Do I have to drink GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN with food? +
59. How long should I drink GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN? +
60. When will I notice results when starting a treatment GOLD COLLAGEN® VEGAN? +
61. When will I see results with Gold Collagen®? +
62. Do Gold Collagen® products contain any harsh ingredients? +
63. How long has Gold Collagen® been on the market? +
64. Does Gold Collagen® really work? +
65. How do I choose which range is right for me? +
66. How often should I take Gold Collagen®? +
67. What happens when I stop taking the product? +
68. Will Gold Collagen® help me if I need more energy? +
69. Can PURE GOLD COLLAGEN® be taken in combination with other food supplements? +
70. Can I use the product if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? +
71. What collagen is used in Gold Collagen® products? +
72. How different is Gold Collagen® from other collagen supplements? +
73. Are liquid collagen supplements more effective than tablets/pills? +
74. What does the Gold Collagen range taste like? +
75. What is Hydrolysed Marine Collagen and how much of this is in Gold Collagen products? +
76. How does Gold Collagen work? +
77. Is taking collagen safe? +
78. How can GOLD COLLAGEN® products help? +
79. Is Gold Collagen suitable for vegetarians and vegans? +
80. What sizes are the bottles? +
81. Are there any side effects associated with PURE GOLD COLLAGEN®? +
82. Can the product be taken with medication? +
83. Can I take GOLD COLLAGEN® if I am on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? +
84. Are the products suitable for diabetics? +
85. Does Gold Collagen contain beef/bovine? +
86. Can I take Gold Collagen® products even if I have no wrinkles? +
87. Can collagen help keep my hair strong, thick and healthy? +
88. At what age do I start losing collagen? +
89. How much collagen should I take per day? +
90. Is taking too much collagen bad for you? +
91. I prefer supplements in tablet format. However, I’m finding it hard to swallow them. Do you have any helpful tips? +
92. What foods should I avoid to help slow down the ageing process? +
93. I have received an email/text about a payment issue. What should I do? +
94. How do I return my products? +
95. When should I take Gold Collagen®? +
96. How long does delivery take? +
97. What is the Gold Collagen Subscription Service? +
98. How do I join the Subscription Service? +
99. What will happen after I join the Subscription Service? +
100. When will I get my starter Subscription box? +
101. When will I be charged for my Subscription box? +
102. How often can I get my kit shipped to me? +
103. How long should I continue my subscription plan? +
104. How can I change or cancel my order? +
105. How do I opt-out of my monthly Subscription box? +
106. I have cancelled my subscription within 14 days of ordering, but my Subscription Box has been dispatched. +
107. My order has arrived damaged or is not what I have ordered. What shall I do? +
108. I’ve returned my unused Gold Collagen® Box and I have not received my refund/replacement. +
109. What is the “Gold Collagen® Beauty Box Subscription Programme”? +