Nutrition & Beauty

What is Pure Gold Collagen?


Pure Gold Collagen® is our first liquid beauty supplement. It’s our best seller and we like to label it as The Original for 20+’s.

Pure Gold Collagen® is packed with only the highest quality skin-loving ingredients, proven to help bring your skin, hair and nails to their optimum health. These delicious bottles contain our unique European Patented Complex and this very special complex helps to boost your skins natural collagen formation and moisture levels which are essential for plump, dewy and healthy skin.

What makes this formula so great?

The formula in Pure Gold Collagen® contains important ingredients such as

  • Hydrolysed marine collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Borage oil
  • N-acetylglucosamine
  • Vitamin C (for collagen formation)
  • Vitamin E (for its antioxidative properties)
  • Vitamin B6 (to give you an energy boost)
  • Biotin + Zinc + Copper (well known for their ability to care for skin, hair and nails)

So, what are you waiting for? Pure Gold Collagen® feeds your skin with all the right ingredient it needs to be at its most beautiful, and all from the inside (where creams and serums can’t reach). To find out more on Pure Gold Collagen®, check out further benefits, what ingredients are in it, how to use it and why you’ll love it here!