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Hello my dear friends,

It’s that time of the year to be thankful and express gratitude for everything in life by getting together with all your loved ones and stuffing yourself! Yes, that’s right - it’s Thanksgiving!

Make it special!

Although the main purpose of Thanksgiving is for family and friends to get together to celebrate the bounty of the harvest and say thanks, we all know there are many distractions. Technology and media contribute to changing family lives. Alongside this, the convenience of packaged and processed foods can get in the way of having a traditional get-together.  So why not change that and use this Thanksgiving as an opportunity to bring out the best. Make this Thanksgiving a meaningful one.

Acceptance is key

When you realise that each of us is right in their own way and has a reason to think, feel, react and reciprocate the way they do, you will instantly feel acceptance.

This is useful to remember where the whole family gathers. Each one of us is unique and different, which can help us appreciate people without being judgemental and enables us to experience gratitude in a more holistic way.

Be grate-FULL!

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. How about this Thanksgiving you and your loved ones share one thing each of you is thankful for in the past year. This is a nice way to share your gratitude with those closest to you. Of course, after sharing your gratitude enjoy the feast and end the beautiful day in a food coma.

Today, I take this sweet opportunity to THANK you, my lovely readers, for the relationship we have established, and also to say I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my views and thoughts with you.

Take care and many thanks again.



Dr.Vidhi Patel