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Summer + Vitamin C = Happy You


Is it Summer yet? We're all waiting for that good news when we can get our shorts, hats and sunglasses out. Find out below what we can do to look after ourselves in the Sun and how to keep your essential vitamin C levels  up. Keep scrolling for our fun "Did You Know?" vitamin C tips below.

Important news - the Sun might arrive next week and stay! Whilst you enjoy the Summer, make sure you keep your vitamin C levels up as it protects against UV ray damage. This is why so many dermatology creams now contain it! Vitamin C is essential to our health. We need it to grow and repair our body's tissue. It also helps the body to make collagen which keeps skin supple. This is why vitamin C is a core ingredient in PureActiveForte and Hairlift. #myskindares

Did You Know?

Vitamin C increases collagen production giving us young-looking and radiant skin. It's perfect to combat skin that looks peaky or pale.

The immune system needs protection too and vitamin C is the perfect immune booster. It provides antioxidant protection.

Vitamin C supports healthy blood flow to the scalp meaning faster-growing locks and if you combine vitamin C with Niacin, it strengthens hair follicles to counteract harsh-weather breakage.

Vitamin C and E have a synergistic antioxidant effect.

A higher intake of vitamin C is associated with a lower risk of wrinkles, dryness and thinning of the skin

Both vitamins C and E are bursting with powerful antioxidants that help the skin fight off free radicals (from the pollution etc) which causes premature wrinkles!

The Gold Collagen® Team