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Did you know… Spinach is thought to have originated from ancient Persia?

Why Spinach?

Spinach is a superfood that is great for anti-ageing. It is a very popular green leafy vegetable used all around the world. Its popularity was boosted thanks to the animated show “Popeye”, which exaggerated the power of spinach, but don’t worry spinach is still powerful, it just can’t give you superhuman strength and make your muscles pop out after eating a can of it. Spinach is such a versatile ingredient which can be added to any dish cooked or raw. When you cook it, make sure you add extra spinach as it reduces leaving you with less than you put in.

  • Rich in all B vitamins
  • A great source of iron
  • High in alpha-lipoic acid
  • Protects against oxidative stress
  • Low calorie
  • Good source of vitamin C, vitamin A and minerals
  • A good source of dietary magnesium