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Beauty routine for my favourite shoes


Hello fashoenistas!

It’s time to discuss how to make the most of your shoe collection... No matter how big or small your collection is, you always have that favourite pair of shoes you cherish so much, you would not know how to replace it. You know, the pair that doesn’t hurt your feet when you go party, that designer pair you could finally afford, the pair that goes with everything, that pair that reminds you of a special someone, or just your lucky pair! Let's see how we can take care of them to make them last as long as we can!

1. Treat them well!

You have a beauty routine for your skin and should have one for your shoes, too.
If they are made of fragile leather or fabric (silk, suede, snake skin...) waterproof them prior to wearing them. This will make them last longer.
If they are made of supple leather, waterproofing is not mandatory. It is more important to hydrate them with transparent wax. I prefer transparent wax to the tinted one because the leather still evolves whilst it is worn and I find that used leather gives more character to a pair of shoes.
If they are made of simile leather, plastic or patent leather just use a damp fabric and tap gently over the shoes to give them a clean.
Remember, no matter what you do, always try out products on a small part of the shoe, ideally one that isn’t too visible, just to see how the product reacts with the fabric... You never know...

Final step of my beauty routine for my fav shoes...I always use shoe stretchers to keep the form of the shoe intact and put them back into boxes or a pocket to protect them from dust and light.

2. How to repair the irreparable...THE HEEL!!!
I am sure you have experienced this (maybe more than once) when your heel gets stuck in the pavement, a grid or in the grass.
Let's start with the easy part - the grass. It is often only a matter of cleaning them up afterwards. However, when you know you’re going to have to wear heels on grass, buy heel covers online. They are cheap and easy to find - a life saviour to walk on grass in style!
When the heel has been damaged by a grid or the pavement, try to save the piece of leather to stick it back on. For designer shoes the brands often offer a service to fix shoes with leftover leather they had from the production line. If the piece is unusable, cut it carefully and try to find a nail varnish that can hide the hole, it does the trick.

3. The good old trick to make a shoe last...Don't wear them ;)
I just mean don't wear them for long distance walking or for your journey to the restaurant or to work. This is why I never meet a date at the tube station, I need time to switch to the perfect shoes rather than my crappy ballerina pumps! :)
I have also banned clutches from my wardrobe so I can carry a pair of flats with me at all times. I will use these for travelling or in the evening if the party goes on for too long or turns crazy and I have to fear my shoes will get destroyed by a glass of red wine being spilled over them!
Better be safe than sorry! :)



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