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Skincare Secrets with Karen Van Zijl, the beauty fanatic


I’m Karen, the Senior Marketing Manager for Gold Collagen® in the UK, and self-confessed beauty junkie! Ever since I got my first lipstick at the age of out 4 (it was a Barbie lipstick I must add), my love affair with beauty has grown into an all-out obsession. Over the last few years, I have really started to notice that the condition of my skin is just as affected by what I eat and drink as by the products I use topically – and I use a lot…

That’s why I absolutely advocate that ‘you are what you eat’ which is why I take Gold Collagen® daily and try to keep my diet healthy and balanced. I believe that taking care of your skin from the outside and the inside it the best way to achieve truly healthy skin. Throughout the month of June across all Gold Collagen® accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I will be letting you in on a couple of my skincare and make-up secrets, that when combined with feeding your skin from within, should really help you to get your best skin yet!

For starters here are two things that I think are important to remember:

1. Beautiful skin is healthy skin (and healthy skin makes the best base for makeup)!

2. Enjoy your beauty routine! Take a few minutes to slow down at the end of your day and give your face a good cleanse with your favourite cleanser, breathe in the beautiful fragrances of your products, or even just a 1-minute facial massage – remember to take pleasure in these times. So make sure you buy products that are a joy to use, with great fragrances and textures :)

Karen Van Zijl, UK Senior Marketing Manager

Karen Van Zijl, The beauty fanatic Karen Van Zijl, The Beauty Fanatic