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Say goodbye to bad hair days with Hairlift!

Gold Collagen Gold Collagen

You may or may not have heard snippets of a possibly new Gold Collagen® product... It’s true! The Gold Collagen® Team are very excited about our latest addition, the GOLD COLLAGEN® HAIRLIFT Liquid Hair Growth Supplement.

According to the NHS, an estimated 8 million women in the UK currently suffer from hair loss and one in three suffer from thinning hair. Did you know the natural hair growth cycle can be disrupted by genetics, stress, pollution, diet, hormones, cosmetic procedures or even excessive hair cleansing? So, we thought long and hard about how we can positively support your hair care routine. Enter Gold Collagen® HAIRLIFT!

Top points about Gold Collagen® HAIRLIFT!

  • it supports healthy hair growth by nourishing hair from within thanks to its specific formula of 17 active ingredients such as Hydrolysed Collagen, Hydrolysed Keratin, Zinc, Selenium, minerals and vitamins for good absorption and bioavailability
  • has a delicious orange and mango flavour
  • is gluten free
  • is halal and kosher certified
  • contains no sugars
  • contains no artificial preservatives
  • simply drink 1 bottle a day

Let Gold Collagen HAIRLIFT® become your secret to healthy hair growth and fall in love with the results. At Gold Collagen® we want everyone to feel confident and have hair that keeps up with them.

Love the Gold Collagen® Team