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How to prepare yourself for A Stress-Free Wedding


Talking about weddings often puts a smile on our faces. But when we recollect the stress associated with weddings, that smile might fade. We have all encountered them – from flower arrangements to guest list decisions- weddings can be demanding.

One thing you can do to help set your mind at ease is to meditate at least 3-5 minutes each day. Maybe do it first thing in the morning or alternatively at night in the comfort of your cosy bed.  Clear your head of worries. Start focusing on your breathing for just a few minutes a day. It will help slow your heart rate and relax your muscles too. It will also help you start your day with utmost optimism and energy and help block negative emotions. Conditioning your mind to mentally prepare against stress is key to having a blissful wedding.

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Another tip to help reduce stress is to ask your family and friends for help.  Ask them to make place cards, choose table decorations or run errands. Build a support system that you trust and have faith in. Remember neither you nor anyone else is a superhero!! You can't handle everything by yourself; delegate! Based on my own experience, I also highly recommend calming organic lavender essential oil. Just dab a few drops onto your neck or behind your ears so you are prepared for when the panic hits. You could also try rose essential oil to quickly lift your mood when necessary. Another important aspect in dealing with wedding stress is communication. If you have any worries or concerns,  share and discuss them with your  partner and do not hold back the thoughts hounding your brain  Under the pressure of planning a wedding, it's easy to lose touch with the person you love the most -- your hubby to be!! So make sure you stay connected.  Lastly, you must not forget the importance of exercise .Exercise has strong positive emotional and psychological effects on the body. Take a walk, go for a run, or take some dance classes. Maybe you have to practice your wedding dance anyway?! Any type of physical activity will help produce more uplifting and stress-stabilizing endorphins. Also, a massage, a facial, or even a manicure or pedicure can do wonders for your stress levels. Do not think of these as indulgences think of them as necessities for staying well-balanced both physically and emotionally.


Wishing you a happy and relatively calm wedding.


Vidhi Patel,

Nutritionist at Minerva Research Labs