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Prepare for Valentine's Day


Whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, be it eating pizza and watching Netflix, a romantic dinner or a nervous first date, you want to feel and look good. At Gold Collagen, we firmly believe that you should love yourself and the skin you’re in.

To get ready for a fabulous Valentine’s Day show your skin love by treating it right with the Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask. It will revive dehydrated and tired-looking skin. With its carefully selected ingredients including antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, it will support your skin’s natural renewal process for a radiant and healthy glow. If you will be abroad on Valentine’s Day - no problem! The mask is ideal to take with you because of its compact size. By using the Hydrogel Mask, you will look fresh, re-energised with a glow to your skin for a relaxing night in or a fun evening out. Some of our customers find that their make-up goes on easier after using the mask.

For Valentine’s Day we want to look and feel like a million dollars. So, for a smoother pout use Gold Collagen® Anti-Ageing Lip Volumiser as a solution for fuller looking lips. It is infused with ingredients such as Almond, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Beeswax that have hydrating, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The Anti-Ageing Lip Volumiser helps to restore your lips natural volume by protecting and repairing the moisture barrier of your lips.

Natural beauty stands out more and with the Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask and Gold Collagen® Anti-Ageing Lip Volumiser you will have a healthy glow to your skin and plump hydrated lips for Valentine’s Day. They are the perfect treats to keep you looking and feeling your best for the evening ahead!


The Gold Collagen Team