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Moscow through the eyes of...


Tatiana, our E-commerce Consultant for the Russian Market!


Hello, dear followers and friends! My name is Tatiana and I will be telling you a little about Moscow, the city I have been living in for a long time before coming to London.


Moscow is a big, beautiful and very busy megalopolis! It’s even more busy thanks to the World Cup, where 12.5 million Moscowites are joined by thousands and thousands of football fans from all over the world.

How to  get around

For you to explore Moscow you will have to get onto the underground. Good news, Moscow’s underground is spacious, the ceilings are unbelievably high, and each station is a work of art. The Moscow metro is considered globally to be unique. Our underground system is beautiful, very deep and one of the biggest in the world. So be sure to go underground, if you do not need it. Pop down and just get a good look around and if you do decide to travel somewhere, don’t worry, the transport in Moscow is very cheap – a trip on the underground costs about 1 euro.

What to see
Saint Basil's Cathedral, in Red Square in Moscow

To see and appreciate the wealth of our capital and the wideness of its streets, take a long and enjoyable walk along the Boulevard Ring in the evening when the buildings are lit up with lights. Along the way, you can discover the most well-known Moscow sights and attractions, like Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Russia’s main Orthodox Church.

An excellent way to see different regions of Moscow is to assemble a collection of Seven Sisters - 7 skyscrapers designed in the Stalinist style. These are magnificent buildings, located in different parts of the city, real architectural treasures, strict, symmetric and majestic.

Where and what to eat

In Moscow and hungry? Go to Petrovich (Петрович) restaurant. This amazing place looks like a regular flat in the USSR, but it serves food that is straight out of my childhood. You most definitely need to try the tea which is served in a beautiful glass-holder!

If you want a fancier restaurant, visit Pushkin (Пушкинъ) restaurant or Sixty restaurant. You can enjoy a real view of Moscow from the 60th floor of a high-rise building, located in a modern district. Now you know the place, what food should you eat? You have to try these dishes otherwise you haven’t truly tried Russian cuisine:

  • Buckwheat with beef liver (It’s healthy but the taste is not for everyone.)
  • Borsch (It is a beetroot soup which has a rich red colour and looks a bit strange but tastes terrific.)
  • Herring under a fur coat (It’s yum! A combination of salad, diced pickled herring and there’s no real fur in the recipe.)
  • Pancakes and pies (I’m sure you know what these are.)
  • Vegetarians should go with draniki (potato pancake usually flavoured with grated garlic or onion and seasoning) and shchi soup (Russian style cabbage soup).

This is a very short list, but I hope that you will be able to immerse yourself into Moscow’s city atmosphere and fall in love with it.