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Mental detox/Sleep Routine before bedtime


'' BEDTIME! It’s that time of day, or rather night, when you can really relax. It’s finally quiet and calm . But you may get tempted  to check all those pictures on  your Instagram feed, surf Facebook or have a quick look at  Twitter. By the time you check your clock it’s much  later than  expected. Does any of this sound familiar? Then maybe technology is disturbing your sleeping pattern. Earlier this year scientists at Harvard Medical School suggested that the light from screens is interfering with our innate sense of night and day. Technology should be something we use to enhance our daily lives, however we shouldn’t become a slave to it.

The first step on your way to real relaxation is to identify whether you are addicted to your phone or tablet. Identifying your flaws is the key to changing them.

SO what can you do to have a peaceful night’s sleep? Create a bedtime ritual.

Everybody should have a bedtime ritual as we all deserve a good sleep after a hectic day! It could be taking a bath, brushing your teeth, massaging your feet with some lavender oil, deep breathing exercises or reading for half an hour a book or magazine, not on your phone of course.

It also helps to have a cut-off time for work emails and household chores, such as planning meals or doing grocery shopping. We can get trapped in thoughts about work or to-do’s   and before you realize, this turns into a routine, that becomes harder to break every day!

Maybe try a simple way to unwind at the end of the day…Meditate in the evening. Just take  ten minutes & do simple breathing exercises before bed. This will help you go to sleep quicker. Mediation really is self-awareness.  So basically, you are turning your focus inward, paying attention to yourself, your mood, needs and thoughts. Being aware of these allows you to either accept or even change them. This is a good way of de-stressing, that will help you sleep carefree and peacefully !

Sweet dreams! Namaste!


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