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Looking after oily skin


Our skin can become more or less oily as we go through different stages of our lives, and sometimes only in certain areas of the face. For example many people have an oily T–zone (across the forehead and down the centre of the face, nose and chin), but have dry cheeks. Also, those with oily skin can still get dehydrated and lack water in the skin. It’s therefore important to use the right products on oily skin, to try to keep it healthy – balance is key!

Face wash for oily skins – often people with oily skin like to cleanse with harsh foaming products as it leaves them feeling squeaky clean, but this can easily strip all the skins natural oils, resulting in the skin overcompensating by producing even more oil - not what you want! It’s important to use gentle cleansers that don’t strip your skin but promote balance. TIP: try using an oil based cleanser, it might feel all kinds of wrong, but you will be surprised at how clean your skin will feel, without the tightness.

applying cream

Moisturiser for oily skin types – people with oily skin usually don’t think about the possibility of their skin being dehydrated, but it can and does happen! People may feel they don’t need a moisturiser if their skin is generally oily, but this isn’t always correct. Indeed avoid very rich, oily moisturisers and rather use an oil- free moisturiser that’s packed with hyaluronic acid, to keep skin hydrated (H20) but not oily .

Karen xo