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Happy International Women's Day


Happy #InternationalWomensDay! It is a day to observe and celebrate women from all walks of life and to keep on progressing with women’s rights.

International Women's Day International Women's Day

At Gold Collagen® we have implemented the need to empower women around the globe in all our settings. Against all the odds women have faced and still face, we want to help women feel healthy, happy and empowered in their own skin. By supporting one another we can reach our goal of no longer being undervalued and unrecognised. It is time to celebrate International Women's Day and show love for all.


We’re committed to making everyone look good and feel good enough that they can run this world. Through the Gold Collagen® range we have pushed to instil confidence and help women realise their full potential. Discover our range and feel inspired to make a change!





The Gold Collagen® Range:

Pure Gold Collagen® – for your skin, hair and nails

Gold Collagen® Hairlift – liquid hair growth supplement to support healthy hair from within

Gold Collagen® Forte – liquid beauty supplement for women over 40

Active Gold Collagen® – more than just skincare for men and women with busy lifestyles

Gold Collagen® Defence – our first tablet programme to help protect against collagen loss

Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask – second-skin technology for dehydrated and tired-looking skin

Gold Collagen® Anti-Ageing Lip Volumiser – restores your lips natural volume and protect them from external damage

Did you know? Every year the United Nations give International Women’s Day a different theme. For 2018 the theme is “TIME IS NOW: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives.”


Have a great International Women's Day!

The Gold Collagen® Team