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International Men’s Day


Today is a very special day for all men on this planet. It’s the 19th of November – International Men’s Day.

International Men's Day is celebrated in over 60 countries around the world. Each year, the 19th of November is marked as a day to celebrate the contribution of men and boys to their families, friends, work place and the community.

So, like women, men deserve the recognition, attention and maybe a little pampering not just on this special day but all year though!

Here are some quick tips for all men out there to help them stay strong and healthy.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you're staying hydrated by drinking at least 2.5 litres of water a day. Remember men require more than women!


Try doing a 10 minute stretching routine at work to relax your muscles and de-stress.

Be healthy from within

With age, men tend to lose connective tissue fibres more quickly, compared to women.Therefore supplementing the body with good quality collagen and hyaluronic acid will help keep the joints in good health. Try liquid collagen supplement ACTIVE GOLD COLLAGEN which also contains chondroitin, glucosamine and L-carnitine to offer a potent, clinically tested formula suited to maintain healthy joints.

Take care of yourself

Use a natural apricot, oatmeal or any good quality men's facial scrub 1-2x a week to exfoliate the skin. This helps remove dead skin cells and stops them from clogging up the pores. Men’s skincare should be simple and easy - there is no need for a five-step routine. Just make sure to get high quality, preferably natural products that suit your skin type and your skin will thank you soon! And don’t forget to use a good quality moisturizer after each face wash.

Eat well

Eat a well-balanced wholesome diet and try to avoid drinking alcohol. However if you do allow yourself the odd glass of wine ( or two ) make sure you eat good healthy foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits or lean protein before indulging. Consumption of alcohol on an empty stomach is like adding fuel to a fire – doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Good luck to all the lovely men out there, it’s your day today, enjoy it…but in a healthy & smart way ;-)


Take care,

Dr.Vidhi Patel