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What is happiness and can we learn it?


Hello my dear friends,

Today I would like to ask you a simple but direct question. What makes you happy?

Of course, happiness and its parameters will be entirely different for each one of us. But what even is happiness. What does being happy actually mean? Happiness could be – and most of us would probably agree – a life without trouble or stress. Unfortunately, we know that this life does not exist. Nowadays stress is an integral part of our lives.

Stress has a deep impact on our physical, intellectual and emotional well-being. Hence any amount of stress is damaging. For example, work stresses such as hitting deadlines and performance targets can all trigger the feeling of stress but the reaction to such a stimulus (a stress trigger point) is in our hands. We can’t always influence the triggers but we can influence our response to them.


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For instance, one basic change we can try to implement in our life is monitoring how we feel when stress reaches us. Being aware of our emotions lets us control them better, whereas reacting hastiliy can leave us feeling stressed or down. Further, we often try to please others and seek their approval or appreciation to thereby increase our happiness. However, this might increase other people’s happiness but not ours, it makes us dependant, which is clearly not happiness.

In fact, dependency is a major factor negatively impacting our happiness. We need to realise that happiness is not dependant on anything or anyone and it can also not be found anywhere. We might think that we will be happy once we achieve a certain target (e.g. starting a new job or losing weight) but then wonder why we are not, despite having achieved the goal we were pursuing. Happiness is not just about the goal, it’s about the journey we are on while pursuing a certain goal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to dream of a having an expensive car, a big house, a family, money, success or fame but one must not set these as ultimate happiness goals. The journey you embark on to fulfilling these dreams is where your happiness lies.



Lastly, I want to mention that happiness doesn’t lie in objects, gadgets, possessions and expensive goods either. These are designed to give us comfort and a feeling of elation but cannot instil. Think of happiness as a state of mind or a  state of being,

I hope I managed to provide you with some soulful thoughts today.

Stay happy, stay healthy.


With Love,

Vidhi Patel, R&D Consultant & Nutrition Consultant at Minerva Research Labs