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Give your feet some love!


Good morning Fashoe-sistas!

One thing my friends often ask me is how I can bare the pain of wearing heels all day… Well, well, let’s face it… these little gems I wear on my feet are not always comfortable. Most of the time you know that as soon as you try them on in the shop, but they are so pretty on your feet… how could you resist?

Confession #2: Foot prep!

As many women in big cities, I leave home on flats and slip into my heels once I get to the office - more comfortable on the feet, easier for the commute and safer for the stilettos! But the most important thing for me to keep my feet happy, is to take care of them regularly.

  1. Exfoliate – unfortunately our feet are under constant strain, so layers of dead cells tend to develop quickly. Plus, if you walk bare-foot at home or in sandals during the summer, your feet can be under attack from bacteria! So exfoliation is key. A good scrub, either homemade with some sugar and oil, or a scrub from your favourite skincare brand will do the trick. Exfoliate at least once a week, or whenever necessary!  There is nothing worse than dry or cracked feet in a beautiful pair of shoes… it kills the vibe!
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  1. Hydrate – every day! I know it is a chore that we tend to forget about during our beauty routine. We mainly focus on the face and rest of the body, but there are plenty of good products specifically developed for feet, which supply rich, instant hydration. These will penetrate your feet’s thick epidermis. Use them as regularly as possible and in case of massive dryness I recommend to use your product as a foot mask overnight (put socks on if you do so). This will facilitate regeneration. You can also use supplements that can help nourish your skin from within on a daily basis, that’s the beauty of these supplements they take care of your face and body all in one go!
  1. Stretch – NEVER FORGET. A good stretch of your feet after a long day's walking, a night out or an intense work day on heels will help relieve tension. It will help keep your arch intact. Remember that the basis for a good posture are your feet! There are plenty of nice tutorials on YouTube. After a good massage you will be ready to rock’n roll again!

Give your feet some love!

XOXO       Elisa