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Get your skin ready for your wedding!


Every woman knows that preparations for a wedding can take a lot of time. It’s not just about the dress, the decorations, the food and the location. It’s definitely also about your appearance. It is a big day and all brides want to look breathtakingly beautiful, so it’s extremely important to prepare your skin for this special day.

  • For a healthy and glowing look, you need to prepare your skin in advance. You cannot expect to wake up with healthy-looking skin on your big day. That would be too much of a risk. So, take the correct steps ahead of your wedding day to make sure you look your best.  Make sure you drink a lot of water.  It will help keep your skin hydrated and eliminate toxins. A minimum of 2 Litres per day is the goal.
  • Add fruits and veggies to your diet and cut out fried and processed foods! I’m sure you wouldn't want to get a pimple right before the big day.
  • If you have a beauty regime and it is working, stick to it! Don’t start trying new invasive treatments too close to your wedding, you don't want any surprises.
  • Another fundamental step is to rest! The days before the wedding are usually very stressful, but it’s very important that you give yourself time to relax.  Otherwise, the tiredness will show on your face, rest to avoid puffy eyes, dark circles and dull skin.
  • Lastly, on the morning of your wedding day, treat to your skin with our Hydrogel Mask. Its active ingredients will help you get that extra glow your skin needs.

Follow these steps and you will look like a goddess on your big day!


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