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Live in the “here and now”


Our lives today are fast-paced and hectic, leaving us feeling stressed by the pressures of work and family life. However, this pressure is often self-inflicted. We think about too many things at the same time, not allowing our minds to rest. In the morning we ponder over what to wear for the birthday party we will be attending in the evening, at lunchtime we think about the 11 o’clock meeting that went wrong, and in the evening we already plan the day ahead.

If you take a step back and make yourself aware of your own thoughts, you will most likely realise that, as most people, you tend to think about either the past or the future. One thing we tend to neglect is living in the moment, the “here and now”.

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Living in the moment is something we should focus on more. Constant planning and reflecting can leave us feeling tired and worn out. On top of that we often make the mistake of creating expectations of an ideal future and there is probably nothing worse you can do to pressure yourself. So, don’t waste too much time on yesterday or tomorrow but focus your attention on today. Yesterday is gone and today is what determines tomorrow, so it’s worth it.

Two golden rules that I always follow in my life in order to focus on the present are:

  1. Valuing people, relationships and time over MONEY. Never value anything because of how much or how little it costs. Try to appreciate things not for their monetary but for their true value.
  1. Being aware of the beauty that surrounds you. Appreciate a sunny morning, a great conversation with a friend over breakfast or waking up your children in the morning. Never miss out on an opportunity to pay someone a compliment, or say thank you. Expressing affection and gratitude can give a great sense of joy and make you much more aware of the moment.


Make living in the moment your New Year’s resolution for a happy and healthy 2017.