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Meditate for a few minutes every day

You might wonder why meditation can help you de-stress but look at it this way – the true sense of meditation is making time for yourself and shutting out everything else. Indulging in real “me-time, not having to focus on anything but you, can be very relaxing. I’ve always said that meditation is more important in everybody’s life now than it ever has been before. Many of you might  have never done any type of meditation before but there is a first time for everything. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable position in a peaceful corner of your house or even office, and close your eyes. Try to sit upright and focus on thoughts passing through your mind for 5 minutes. Start with this and you will feel so much more relaxed afterwards that you will want to do this daily.

When I first started meditating, I listened  to guided meditations on YouTube, especially morning mediations as they’re short (just being honest!) and really impactful.  When I sit down and meditate first thing in the morning, I always  feel a difference in my mood. I can sense that things happening around me during the day don’t change, but I feel much calmer about them happening.

Listen to yourself very carefully.

When you  feel things such as approval, disapproval, anger, happiness, fear, shock etc.you should try to pay attention, process and reflect these feelings. An internal analysis of what is going on inside your mind at conscious and sometimes subconscious levels can help you learn more about yourself. Over the years, I’ve learned that when my emotions are negative, my stress levels rise. And inevitably that will be reflected in the way I behave and react, which makes things even worse. So always try to understand and process your emotions, especially the negative ones, rather than ignoring them. That will, I hope, help you fight stress before it occurs.

A good way of analysing or processing your feelings is to speak to yourself about your emotions. Try to talk to explain your emotions to yourself like you would to a cousin, sister, brother or a good friend. We are often very good at helping others but when it comes to self-help we are often ignorant towards our own feelings. There is no harm in being kinder and more forgiving to yourself – it has definitely helped me to keep the stress at bay.

Sending my warmth and positivity,


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