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6 Ways to Do Your Part for Earth Day!


Have you heard about the simple ways in which you can celebrate Earth Day and make a difference? Earth Day is about demonstrating your support for environmental protection which is so important when we’re experiencing abnormal weather conditions.

Do your part for the Earth, check out 6 ways you can!

  1. Put down the car keys and keep that car in the garage. If you can walk to work, walk. If you can catch a bus, catch a bus to work or wherever you’re going. This helps to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions the Earths atmosphere can simply do without.
  2. Plant something. Plant a tree or pot some plants in your garden. If you remember from your biology lessons, plants and trees help to reduce carbon emissions as they take in carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen.
  3. It’s gotten bigger and bigger and the question is, are you part of this movement? The Reusable Cup movement! Reduce rubbish with a reusable coffee cup. This also applies to your shopping bag – get a bag for life.
  4. Turn the TV off and opt for an outdoor gym workout. The TV and gym use electricity, let’s turn it off and exercise outside where we don’t need either.
  5. Recycle, recycle, recycle. You should already be doing this but if not, start now! It’s easy and it may seem like a small contribution but remember the more of us who do it the bigger the impact in the long-term. It’s a positive habit that can only bring about good things.
  6. Make a conscious choice and go veggie for the day. Societies demand for more meat doesn’t come easy. In fact, it puts a strain on our environmental resources and the demand is increasing and Earth is struggling because of it. Choose a vegetarian option, which can be just as tasty and filling as a meat option. Give it a go, what do you have to lose?
We’re not ones to preach and not do.

We’ve done our best to make a positive impact on the environment with our products by reducing plastic pollution. Our Gold Collagen® liquids are in glass bottles and not plastic bottles to be environmentally friendly and cut down on the plastic waste that isn’t biodegradable. And in 2019 when Purely Me magazine was launched, they chose an environmentally friendly printer that used 100% vegetable-based inks and non-alcohol presses as a conscious decision for the environment.