30 Days to Dare

Day 6: Motivation vs Weakness


In a bit of a slump? Feeling like you’re going through the motions? Millions and millions of people go through this at different points in their lives. This doesn’t make you weak. This just makes you human.

As humans, we go through trials and tribulations which challenge our limits. We should wake up every day and instil motivation in us. Wake up and say, “I can do this”. Stay motivated with a boss attitude. Whatever you have to face today. You can. You can. You can.

No one can stop you but yourself, but you’re a smart cookie and won’t let yourself stop yourself. Flip the tables and make it so you help yourself climb higher and higher till you break that glass ceiling. Block out the negatives and only hear the encouragement your loved ones give you.

You can overcome weakness. Face it head on and win. In this society we’re so determined to make our lives and our journeys harder. Stop that because it’s time to start winning at life.

Stay motivated, be empowered and win. Time to dare.