30 Days to Dare

Day 29: Dare Day


You’ve gone through 28 days focusing on taking care of yourself, to be ready for today – Your Dare Day.

For your dare day, ask yourself: what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of performing in public? Are you scared to ask for a raise? Do you want to try sushi but are scared to do it? Are you scared to get that hairstyle you’ve been umming and ahhing over? Are you tired of being scared to do things you wish you could? Well you can. Dare to be you. Dare to do something you’re scared of but have always wanted to do.

Get up and perform that karaoke as if you’re Aretha Franklin or Beyoncé!

Book that meeting and show how much you deserve that raise.

Head to a sushi bar and order something you are certain isn’t alive but perhaps is cooked enough for you…? Or go crazy and pick something random on the menu.

Strut into the hairdressers and get those bangs or highlights!

Simply dare to be you. Shake off all those restraints and worries. No longer overthink, simply build that confidence to take that step into the unknown. No matter how big or small a decision is – it’s your decision to make. Experience the unleashing of your true inner self and become the best version of yourself and dare to be who you want to be. Simply decide to #dare.