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30 Days to Dare

Day 18: Empower your future


It’s not always easy to stay on track with the direction you want to go and making sure your happiness stays consistent. Feel empowered against by planning your future to fit you. Take back control of your happiness and the direction you want to go by creating a strong and positive future. Before you can begin planning your future, you need to put things into perspective.

Be patient with yourself. It’s not easy planning your future so be kind to yourself. If you can’t think of anything, simply wait and it will happen. You’re putting so much pressure on yourself that you’ve given yourself writers block. Simply be patient.

Be realistic. You may have the tendency to go big with your plans. Dreaming big isn’t a bad thing but there can be times when we need to be realistic. Find a good balance because if you go overboard with your plan, you are just setting yourself up for failure and we don’t want that. Make it realistic for you to achieve.

Remember to add passion to your plan. When you’re making your plan, yes you need to be realistic and practical but make sure you don’t take the fun and love out of it. Throw your passion into it. There’s no point in creating a future that doesn’t involve what you’re passionate about. In fact, your future should be built around your passion or, so you can reach that passionate dream job.

Don’t shy away from taking risks. In life you need to take risks to achieve what you want, and this applies to you creating your future plan. Your dream may be hard to achieve and mean you need to go into the unknown and try things you’ve never dared to do before. Straighten up and be ready to commit to taking a risk or two.