30 Days to Dare

Day 15: Take a moment.


We’re always rushing around but for our own health we need to take a moment for ourselves. We’re always surrounded by buildings, people bustling from point A to B, but you need to stop for a second. Take a deep breath. We’re so used to rushing around and not taking a second to appreciate what we pass by. Take a moment to do something that destresses you.

With the pressures of society and work we can be very unforgiving on ourselves. We seem to think we don’t deserve a rest and push ourselves till we’re at our breaking point. Mental health is beginning to gain more and more attention and has become clear to all how important it is that we do all that we can for it. Invest more time and effort to care for your mental health. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. You are responsible for your own well-being. You are in control. Don’t let this pressure build up in you – take a time out when you need to. Focus on yourself and get some air, take a walk in the park and be around nature. Simply, do what you need to do for yourself.