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Dare to be a flamingo!


Lots of people comment about the fact that I love non-conventional or “statement” shoes. Of course I have a few classics but let’s face it most shoes in my collection have that little “je ne sais quoi” that makes people stare at them when I walk down the street.

Lots of friends tell me “I have a classic style, there is no way I can wear this kind of shoe!” This is completely wrong! You don’t need to be unconventional from head to toe to wear statement shoes. You don’t have to be like me and buy unconventional shoes only, but one or two pairs in your collection can be a good addition to your wardrobe, add some spice to an outfit or to your day or evening.

Dare to be a flamingo Dare to be a flamingo

One of my favourite statement shoes is my pair of flamingo shoes from Sophia Webster. I spotted them at the beginning of SS14 and had the best excuse to buy them - my best friend’s wedding. Whether you wear a bridesmaid dress or a pair of jeans, they have the same effect! They get spotted!

How to buy and wear statement shoes

  1. Sometimes you fall in love with a pair because it is original, you love the pattern, the heel or because it would perfectly spice up your little black dress look…but never ever buy a pair of shoes you can’t walk in! Stay away from a shoe crush when they hurt or the heel is too high! You want to make a statement and be noticed for your style… not for your awkward way of walking…
  2. The simpler your outfit, the more your shoes will stand out. And with them, so will you.
  3. If you go for super simple outfits, especially in darker colours, another accessory might be necessary to balance the look. This can be a beautiful pair of earrings, a brooch or a nice clutch, just decide what you want people to notice first and balance the statements.
  4. No matter whether you choose a statement pair of shoes only, or go wild with an original look from head to toe, embrace your choice! Style is, most of the time, a question of attitude. If you hesitate and you’re not convinced you can pull this off, it’s best not to wear it.

Sometimes it is worth taking one step at a time when you want to get used to a new style. Try taking things a little bit further each time and you might be surprised how easy this can be.

Embrace your inner flamingo - find your statement pair of shoes!