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Create a beautiful inside and you will look beautiful on the outside


Hello my lovely friends,

I have been seeing quite a few patients in my clinic recently who were asking me about the  buzz words, ”Inner  Beauty” and ”Inner Engineering”. I thought that probably more of you are interested in this, so what is this concept of “Inner Beauty everyone’s   talking about?  Is it a kind of beauty secret or mere imagination?

Inner beauty in literature is described as a person’s own characteristics, attributes & social behaviours that can be assessed through someone’s perception, body language and behaviours rather than the external appearance.

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In simple words, Inner Beauty can be classically described as something that is conveyed through a person’s character rather than appearance, outfit, or other external factors. Some people perceive Inner Beauty as one of the finest qualities in a human being but sadly that view is quite rarely found these days.  People ask me if and how they can cultivate Inner Beauty or whether it is something that we are born with? To me, the first and foremost principle of   Inner  Beauty is being open-minded and receptive to  other people’s  opinions and social behaviours. We only tend to think that what we do is correct and logically acceptable but what others do, think, or feel is not correct. Inner beauty in its core means acceptance. So, we can learn these core values.  Of course, there is no regime for Inner Beauty but why not try to implement some of the below in your life and see how you and others perceive your new self.

  • Be optimistic and wake  up with a smile -  seems a small task but believe me it can make  a big difference to your mood for the whole day
  • Help others (it  will make you happy.)
  • Manage your stress by focussing on the task in hand, do not reciprocate instantly but think twice before acting
  • Put positive thinking  into practice
  • Love yourself, accept yourself the way you are…You are a beautiful creation and this is a fact you need to remind yourself of every day
  • Appreciate nature when time allows,  take in the smell of freshly mown grass or feel the summer sun on your face. It will enable you to see the good in life.


Wishing you all a  happy and  beautiful summer,

Vidhi Patel