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‘Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world’ – Marilyn Monroe.

I’m Elisa, Head of Brand for Gold Collagen®, and like Marilyn Monroe I truly believe in the power of a pair of shoes...this is why I have lots of them!

A lot of people may describe me as a shoeaholic, a shoe freak, an addict…I prefer to consider myself as a true fashionista.

I was a real tomboy when I was little but I really started to embrace my femininity in my teenage years when I wore my first pair of heels (fuchsia stilettos with a massive bow at the back…gorgeous!). I will always remember how amazed I was by the power of these “few” extra inches: my posture changed, I felt more confident, my friends noticed the change…Memorable heels slowly but surely became my signature style.

This is why I am very excited to talk to you about my passion during this Fashion Week month and share some tips and tricks to become the perfect fashionista. So here we go!

Confession # 1. When choosing your outfit always start with the shoes.

Elisa - Head of Brand - Gold Collagen® Elisa - Head of Brand - Gold Collagen®

Deciding which shoes I am going to wear is a critical moment of my day to make sure I start off on the right foot.

After a few sips of GOLD COLLAGEN to kick off my beauty routine, my shoe selection is the second step. I actually like to compare choosing shoes to choosing beauty products. I am sure you wonder how on earth those two are related but I strongly believe that choosing a style of shoe that you're comfortable with, helps you feel and look good. Just like beauty products do!

So every morning, I assess the situation:

  • Bad skin day? Bad hair day? Sleepless night? This usually means that I’ll be in need of non-conventional shoes as a pick-me-up.
  • Too much food last night? That means I need heels. They improve posture and make you feel taller and leaner.
  • Want to feel sexy, classic or extraordinary? Flirty stilettos, ballerina pumps or fancy designer shoes are my preferred choices.

The right pair of shoes will set the tone of my look for the day and will give me the extra kick I was missing when I first looked in the mirror!

Embrace the shoe power!