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Black Pepper


Did you know... black pepper (Peppercorn) comes in different colours? They can be green, black, white or even red.

Black Pepper:

You might be familiar with black pepper as it’s a staple on the kitchen table. It’s dried and used as a seasoning commonly known as peppercorn. It may help to bring your dish to life but it’s time to realise the full potential of that black pepper. It is not a seasonal plant so it’s available all year long so check below for the benefits that come with this flavour bursting ingredient.

  1. Enhances bioavailability – maximising the efficiency of the food we consume
  2. Has antibacterial properties which is why it is used to preserve foods
  3. A great anti-inflammatory agent
  4. Rich source of minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins
  5. Facilitates your digestion and promotes intestinal health