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Beauty Routine


Taking care of your skin from the inside and the outside is the best way to keep skin healthy and glowing. For beautiful skin from within, make sure you add skin loving ingredients to your diet, and supplement with Gold Collagen liquid treatments to keep your natural collagen levels high. You absolutely are what you eat!

To take care of your skin from the outside, I recommend careful cleansing, a targeted serum, and always applying SPF!

Double cleansing in the evening and a quick, light cleanse in the morning is the best way to remove all makeup and dirt from the skin, leaving it perfectly clean and ready to accept the active ingredients in the rest of your routine. Make sure to use gentle cleansers that don’t strip the skin of natural oils, leaving you feeling tight.

Choosing a good serum to tackle your specific skin concerns is a key step in your routine, as serums have the highest levels of active ingredients, and penetrate deepest into the skin – feel free to add more than one serum to address different issues, such as dryness, pigmentation, oiliness, anti-ageing etc. The rule is to apply serums in order of texture, so thinner serums first and thicker serums second (or third). Then apply a moisturiser suited to your skin type and SPF.
SPF is the most important step in any beauty routine! Wearing SPF is the single best anti-ageing thing you can do for your skin – over 80% of visible signs of ageing come from UV rays, including pigmentation and unnecessary loss of collagen - so SPF 30-50 every day is a must.

Finish your beauty routine by applying your daily makeup essentials - mine are foundation, mascara and a pop of blush!

Karen xo

Beauty Routine Steps by Gold Collagen Beauty Routine Steps by Gold Collagen