Nutrition & Beauty

Back to School


The holidays are over and you’re back on the school run.

Yes, things will get busy for you again and you’ll feel like you’re being spread too thin. However, you need to be good to yourself or else you’ll suffer. What does this mean? This means you need to take time out to ensure you keep your routine together. We leave our holidays looking tanned, rested and refreshed and this look does not need to leave us when it’s back to school time. Here are my tips for ensuring you always look like you just came back from your holiday!


Make sure you eat right

A healthy balanced diet doesn’t just keep your insides working, it works on the outside too. When we put the right nutrients into our bodies, we’re also feeding our skin, hair and nails to look healthy and radiant. No one wants skin that looks grey and undernourished, hair that is flat and dry and nails that are brittle. Begin with what you put into your body to keep those symptoms away.


Take care of the outside

You need to make sure you protect your outer layer which is protecting your inner layers. What is your outer layer? It’s your skin. Your skin is the barrier against damaging things. It protects you and you need to take time out to protect and nurture it too. The skin needs to be kept hydrated for it to do its job. Do not use harsh oils or cleansers. Remember when you pick out products to be kind to your skin. Moisturise and use SPF lotions to protect against ageing and skin damaging factors.


Take a moment for yourself

In all the chaos of getting back into a fast routine means you forget to take a moment for yourself to just breath and feel in control. When we feel like we’re out of control and disconnected, this is usually when the need to take care of ourselves deteriorates.


Gold Collagen® liquid supplements are packed with nutrients to give your skin, hair and nails the nourishment they need to look radiant and healthy from the inside out. These enriched and uniquely formulated liquid supplements are a simple addition to your back to school routine. All you need to do is drink one bottle a day and it’ll give you a helping hand to keeping you looking like you just stepped off the plane from a relaxing, exotic holiday. You can say goodbye to the appearance of those pesky wrinkles because Gold Collagen® liquid supplements will boost your natural collagen, elastin and hydration levels and give your skin that holiday glow.