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Vitamins - little helpers for an active lifestyle


Sports and nutrition go hand in hand. This is why athletes mostly follow strict diets in an attempt to increase their performance. Often supplements are part of their diet to ensure the optimum intake of vitamins as these positively impact on sports performance.

Vitamins play an important role in energy production, the maintenance of joint and bone health, and the support of the immune system. They also assist in the recovery from exercise and injury.

Active Gold Collagen® Active Gold Collagen®

Take vitamin C for example. Not only does it support bones and cartilage, it also supports the function of the immune system during physical exercise. Other important vitamins to add to your diet when you lead an active life are B-vitamins. Vitamin B3 helps reduce fatigue, B6 will help boost energy levels and B12 offers support for the immune system.

Oh, and one other important vitamin that is vital to support an active and healthy lifestyle is vitamin D. It is essential to support muscle and bone function. Vitamin D can be obtained through sun exposure so we are lucky that spring has just begun. Alternatively, vitamin D can be obtained through taking a food supplement such as Active Gold Collagen®. Active also contains vitamin C and the B-complex, which makes it a great supplement for everyone with an active lifestyle.