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Pair up and workout


Two Week Challenge:

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when you want to live a healthier lifestyle, is commitment to the changes you have decided to make. Whether you have decided to change your diet, your exercise routine or just be more active in general, the difficulty lies in staying committed to this new way of doing things.

As I mentioned in part of my previous blog, “making it sustainable” is of paramount importance to achieve your goals. For me personally, keeping up a new diet, routine or habit is always easier after I’ve managed to sustain it for at least two weeks. I think this is because it normally takes around two weeks to notice any changes that come from diet or exercise and once you have invested enough effort and seen first results, you are more determined to stick to your plan.

When trying to start something new, pick a time when you don’t have a lot of social engagements so that you can get into your new habits and be more likely to succeed.

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Couple Workouts:

Working out with a buddy has obvious benefits: you are more motivated, you work out harder and it tends to be more fun. Now there is growing evidence to support the benefits of working out with your significant other, like feeling happier in your relationship or increasing your emotional bond.

Some studies show that doing physical activities together makes couples feel more satisfied in their relationships. This is likely due to the positive physiological perception gained from exercise. Exercise produces symptoms similar to that of romantic attraction: quickening pulse, sweaty palms and shortness of breath. Many people mistake this reaction for physical attraction, which is likely to make you more attracted to each other. http://psycnet.apa.org/index.cfm?fa=buy.optionToBuy&id=2000-13328-006

By doing nonverbal activities together you can also strengthen your emotional bond. Matching your partners pace when running or lifting weights in the same rhythm creates a kind of nonverbal mimicry, which can make couples feel more connected and in tune with each other. http://www.communicationcache.com/uploads/1/0/8/8/10887248/mimicry_in_social_interaction_benefits_for_mimickers-_mimickees-_and_their_iinteractions.pdf

Social media platforms are a great place to find inspiration for couple’s exercises, like Push Up High-Fives, Dynamic Lunges or Twisting Ball Passes. This principle can be applied to any strenuous physical activity that gets you out of breath and increases your heart rate, not just the gym. Try a salsa class or train for a 10k run.

Bruce, Senior Creative Designer at Minerva Research Labs