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What are the 6 health benefits of Lemons?

Have you heard about the lemon sprayer? This nifty gadget is all the rage for lemon lovers who want an easy way to get the juice. If you’re on the spray team or the slice-and-squeeze team, you clearly have a love for lemon and should know the benefits of it before adding it to your recipe.

6 Lemon Benefits

  1. Loaded with vitamin C which helps us fight the nasty colds and flu all year round
  2. Boosts our immune system as it has powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  3. Proven to work for weight loss if taken first thing in the morning with 300ml of lukewarm water on an empty stomach
  4. A powerful detoxifying agent which works towards the acid-alkali balance in the body
    • As per the rules of Ayurveda, the sour lemon taste helps stimulate the fire element in the body also known as “agni” and a strong agni (fire element) kick starts the digestive enzymes, allowing the stomach to digest food more easily in a time frame of 4 hours max and helping to prevent the build-up of toxins eventually.
  5. Prevents constipation and helps cure long-standing chronic constipation
  6. Proven to fight kidney stones. The citric acid in lemon makes the urine less acidic and even helps break up small stones in kidneys.


Lemon has an abundance of benefits when we consume it. It can help us internally by detoxifying and boosting our immune system through its powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

If you do not enjoy the taste of pure plain water, use some slices of lemon in water to infuse and make it alkaline + tasty. Why not add Lemon to your diet by trying out my delicious Lemon and Cashew Rice recipe?

Dr. Vidhi Pandaya Patel | R&D Consultant and Nutritionist