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Are You Marathon Ready?

Leading a physically active lifestyle is a great boost to your health, and a balanced diet is just as important to stay energised. Some may say that they do lead an active lifestyle yet still feel sluggish and lacking energy. Well, this could be a sign that they are not fuelling their body with the right food. Following a diet pattern and by just making small changes to your current diet can take you a long way to increasing your metabolism and energy levels.

What do I eat? Is that something that’s always a concern for you. Just remember, running a marathon is not easy and, in most cases, a normal meal is not enough to keep you going. You need to focus on the most beneficial food types which will fuel your body in the right way. It is important to get nutrition right to maximise performance for the marathon.

Of course, energy-dense foods should be a must in your diet! This includes complex carbohydrates like wholegrain, vegetables, peas and more. But, be sure to avoid refined carbohydrates which are foods produced by manufacturers as they provide a temporary energy boost followed by a sharp decline causing you to feel sluggish and drained again. It is important to incorporate lean meats into your diet and iron-rich foods. While preparing for the marathon it is also important to eat small meals and healthy snacks every 3-4 hours.

However, the key factor here is Hydration! Keeping hydrated is important for general health and wellbeing but staying hydrated during any form of physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your body. If your body is short on fluids, your body suffers and you get tired faster and, in some circumstances, you can end up with cramps or heat exhaustion. This is something that should be avoided during a marathon. Make sure to drink enough water before the marathon and sips during the marathon to keep hydrated. But most of all drink water after a marathon to replace any fluids lost and maintain hydration levels.

Looking for something to improve your energy levels, muscle function and joint health before the marathon? Then why not try a power packed supplement; Gold Collagen® Active. It’s packed with vitamin B complex, vital for energy metabolism as well as essential ingredients for your muscle and joints! Take a sip and complete the marathon without a trip!

Just remember, good diet, keeping hydrated, enough sleep and a little energy boost is all you need to keep you going. Wish you all the best! Happy running!