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Beauty and nutrition tips for improving your skin radiance


As much as we love summer sunshine there’s no hiding in the shadows. Every flaw and crease on our skin is laid bare – and those tell-tale signs of ageing have got us hankering after a youth boost. What’s more, whether you’re enjoying the British sunshine or heading on a plane to an exotic getaway – nothing is more refreshing than a make-up free complexion but unfortunately for some of us, that just isn’t an option with fine lines, lacklustre skin and a dull complexion from a harsh winter. Vidhi Patel, Nutritionist and Research and Development Consultant at Minerva Research Labs, the creators of liquid collagen supplement GOLD COLLAGEN®, has shared her hacks for achieving flawless skin this summer.

1. Drink 2.5 litres of mineral water per day to keep hydrated and flush out toxins. 500ml of this should be drunk in the morning with a fresh slice of lemon.

2. Try to drink 200ml of freshly squeezed orange juice before midday. If drunk after, it will not absorb properly and nutrients will be wasted. If you’re not a fan of orange juice, drink fresh coconut water once a day. Coconut water has negligible amounts of carbohydrates, high amounts of 600 potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. The electrolyte content is more than double that of traditional drinks with about half of the carbohydrates. This makes you feel more energetic physically and also provides the skin with all the essential nutrients required to keep the skin supple, soft and flawless.

3. Eat a fresh salad daily. Include ingredients like organic spinach, lettuce, raisins, grapefruit and olives. This is a very specific formula to boost immunity, bring a radiant glow to the skin as well as stay on the top of nourishment during Summer.

4. Eat more vitamin rich foods and antioxidant based super foods like papaya, mango, berries, pineapple, cucumbers, aubergines, tomatoes, grapes, cherries, pomegranate and kiwi. Antioxidants are able to safely interact with damage inducing free radicals and stop the chain of adverse reactions occurring to cells which lead to various health disorders as well as ageing. To get multiple antioxidants in the diet is make sure to eat foods that represent all the colours of the rainbow. Each colour provides its own unique antioxidant effects. For example; bright orange, deep yellow fruits and vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and apricots provide one type of antioxidant. Red foods like tomatoes provide another like Lycopene and Resveratrol.

5. Incorporate a bottle of PURE GOLD COLLAGEN®, ACTIVE GOLD COLLAGEN® or GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE® daily and even before summer as preparation. After three weeks of use the skin looks 12% more hydrated, fine lines are reduced by 15% and wrinkles by 27% in six weeks whilst skin elasticity increases by 20% after nine weeks.*

Vidhi Patel, Nutritionist and Research and Development Consultant at Minerva Research Labs